Children's Review Program
A program of
Funded in Whole from Federal and Cabinet for Health and Family Services Funds

Children's Review Program

1351 Newtown Pike, Building 3
Lexington, KY 40511-1278
Phone: (859) 455-7452
Fax: (859) 225-3565


Nina L. Begley, MS, MBA (Director)
Roni Giberson, PhD (Associate Director)
Debbie Edwards (Administrative Secretary)

Assessment Unit

Alan W. Hounshell, MA (Unit Coordinator)
Jody Burrus, LPCC (Senior Clinical Reviewer)
Megan Tucker, CSW (Clinical Reviewer)
Brittany Peshek (Support Staff)
Angela Hawkins, AA (Support Staff)

Quality Assurance Unit

Tye Reece, MA (Unit Coordinator)

Placement Unit

Ashley Higgins, MSW, CSW (Statewide Placement Coordinator)
Jackie Cheatham, BBL (Assistant Statewide Placement Coordinator)
Alicia Stewart, LCSW (Placement Coordinator – Statewide Assistance)
Listing of Regional Placement Coordinators

Information Systems Team

David Foor

For information on accessing CRP’s web application for CBCL entry and child status information, registering as a user, requesting a password be reset, or other related information, please contact Tye Reece.