Children's Review Program
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Funded in Whole from Federal and Cabinet for Health and Family Services Funds

LOC Emergency Requests


When a LOC is needed immediately, the DCBS worker my request that the case be declared an "emergency" by the DCBS Central Office (SOP 7E.1.9A). However, this should be a rare occurrence.


An emergency LOC may be obtained when a LOC is needed immediately for a placement.


  • The DCBS worker requests the "emergency" designation from the DCBS Central Office (502-564-2147 or 564-6852). CRP cannot accept emergency LOC requests directly from DCBS workers without Central Office approval.
  • Once CRP receives the emergency request from Central Office and all materials have been received from the DCBS worker, CRP will assign a LOC within 24 hours and will fax the LOC to the requesting DCBS worker.
  • The same initial LOC packet, with the exception of the CBCL, is required for an emergency LOC. The packet may be faxed or mailed to CRP.
  • Once the LOC has been assigned as a result of an emergency, DCBS staff must complete a DPP-114 and enter the LOC into TWIST (SOP 7E.1.9 (c)).