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LOC Reassignments


The Level of Care (LOC) is intended to communicate children's current level of need. A LOC is valid for only six months. If a child is not in a placement and the level is not used for six months, it must be reassigned.


  • Valid LOCs are required before children can be placed in PCC residential or PCC foster care programs
  • Assigned LOCs expire in 6 months if they are not used in a placement. Children who are not placed in a PCC program or DCBS foster care within the six months after the LOC is assigned need to have the LOC reassigned.
  • LOCs also expire when children have a valid LOC when placed in a PCC program but were not in a PCC program when the Utilization Review (UR) was due. Consequently, the UR was not done and the LOC was not reauthorized. This LOC must be reassigned before the next PCC placement.


  • UR dates are provided on-line through the Youth Information List and also on the Monthly Census Report. For information about accessing this information on line or to register as a user, contact contact Tye Reece by e-mail or by phone (859-455-7452 ext. 228).
  • If in question about whether LOCs are valid, call CRP (859-455-7452).
  • In order to secure placements for children whose LOCs have expired, LOCs must be obtained using the protocol for a new LOC, which includes a new DPP 886, updated DPP 886A, placement log, and a new CBCL (if the youth's IQ is 70 or above). It is the responsibility of the DCBS worker to initiate a Reassignment prior to placement.
  • Alternatively, 922 KAR 1:360 (Section 13 (1b)) allows PCCs to accept children with expired LOCs, if within 30 days of admission the PCC submits to CRP their own assessment and CBCL (if four years or older and IQ is 70 or above). The per diem obtained in this manner is retroactive to the day of admission. To initiate this method of reassignment, the DCBS worker must make arrangements with the PCC at or before admission.
  • If the DCBS worker or PCC does not agree with the reassigned LOC, they may appeal the LOC by requesting a redetermination.