Children's Review Program
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Funded in Whole from Federal and Cabinet for Health and Family Services Funds

Outcomes-based Performance Measurement


Outcomes measurement is included in the PCC agreement as a provider responsibility. This function of the Children's Review Program (CRP) provides a uniform set of outcome measures for the states' providers, which allows comparison within peer groups. Some providers use these outcomes for Continuous Quality Improvement projects or to support their accreditation. The residential outcomes are included in the ORYX® system for The Joint Commission accreditation. Some of these outcomes are in the PCC Comparative Reports, which are used by DCBS workers and Regional Placement Coordinators in making placement decisions.

Data Collection

  • Reports to be returned to CRP monthly:
    • The Monthly Census Report or the PCC Foster Care Child Link Report provides data for placement outcomes (e.g. planned discharge rate).
    • Forms for reporting critical incidents, physical managements, and seclusions provide data for process measures (e.g., Physical managements per 100 resident days).
    • Risk Indicator reports are aggregated by program and reported out on the PCC Comparative Report which allows users to gage the makeup of a programs' population of children.
  • Reports to be returned semi-annually: The objective behavior inventory for children with IQ 70 and above (Achenbach CBCL) is to be completed every six months while children are in out-of-home placements. This contributes to an understanding of how children's emotions and behaviors change over time. The narrative report informs assessment and treatment planning. Futhermore, there are 4 measures of outcome related to CBCL score changes from admission to discharge.
  • Annual: The Reiss completed with the first "Application for LOC Payment" in a placement and annually thereafter. This contributes to understanding children's growth in daily living skills and emotional conditions over time. The narrative reports inform assessment and treatment planning.
  • As needed: Providers or Cabinet staff may request customized outcomes reports, which can be compiled by CRP staff from these data elements.

Data Reporting

Outcomes reports are aggregated and sent to programs quarterly and annually. There are 24 measures for residential and 23 for foster care that are taken from the data collection tools described above that are represented on these reports. The reports provide the raw data (numerator and denominator), program result and comparison group results for each measure. Comparison group results are the mean and one standard deviation for each measure.

Data Analysis

The Children's Review Program is available for interpretation and further analysis of a program's results. If you have questions, contact Tye Reece at (859) 455-7452 ext. 228)