Children's Review Program
A program of
Funded in Whole from Federal and Cabinet for Health and Family Services Funds

Monthly Census


To provide information regarding the location of Cabinet for Health and Family Services (CHFS) youth in out-of-home care, discharge data which are utilized to create outcomes and comparative reports, and important action dates for Private Child Caring (PCC) and Department for Community Based Services (DCBS) staff.


The Monthly Census Reports are sent to PCC residential treatment programs and DCBS workers. No reports are sent to Private Child Placing (PCP) foster care programs. CRP receives data on these programs from DCBS through information obtained as part of the PCC tracking system.


  • Residential Treatment
    1. If a child has been discharged from your program, record the information in the space provided on the MCR, including date discharged, reason for move, and the complete name of the new placement (including county, if foster care). Placements such as parent or relative should also be included.
    2. If a child has moved and come back to your program within the month, provide the dates the child was not in your program and the specific name of the placement where the child was located (e.g., ABC TFC Fayette county, Warren County Detention Center, AWOL))
    3. If a child in your care is not listed on the MCR, but you know the child is committed to CHFS, provide the child's name, social security number and date of admission on the MCR.
    4. If the child's DCBS worker has changed, please write this on the MCR. Include the worker's full name and their county office.
    5. If there are no corrections, mark "OK" on the MCR and return to CRP.
    6. All questions regarding the MCR should be directed to Angela Hawkins at (859) 455.7452 (ext. 226).
  • DCBS Staff
    1. Check the MCR to make sure the information for the child is accurate.
    2. If a child’s Social Services Worker (SSW) has changed, please enter the name of the new SSW and the county if different from the county listed.
    3. Indicate any discrepancies to the DCBS Case Number, Child’s Name, SSN, or Permanency Goal.
    4. Do not place a child with a Private Child Caring or Child Placing Agency with an expired level. For level assignment, please submit a packet (886, 886A, placement log and Achenbach CBCL) to CRP prior to placement.
    5. If the child’s placement is incorrect on the form, please list the child’s current placement (including home or other non level of care placement), the date placed, and the county of placement. Please be as specific as possible.
    6. If there are no corrections, mark "OK" on the MCR and return to CRP.
    7. All questions regarding the MCR should be directed to Pam Espin-Tingle> at (859) 455.7452 (ext. 245).