Children's Review Program
A program of
Funded in Whole from Federal and Cabinet for Health and Family Services Funds

Private Provider Orientation


If you are a private provider, your agency has obtained a Private Child Care Agreement with the Cabinet for Health and Family Services to provide child caring or child placing services to children who are committed to the Cabinet. As determined by 922 KAR 1:360, Level of Care funding for private residential and foster care placements goes through the "gatekeeper", which has been the Children's Review Program since 1996. The Children's Review Program (CRP) also provides placement, performance measurement, and technical assistance services in support of the children who are committed to the Cabinet.

This orientation is intended to give new providers an overview of the Children's Review Program and to help establish a schedule for fulfilling their own contract with the Cabinet. Individualized assistance may be obtained directly from CRP by telephone (859-455-7452 ext. 232).

What You Need to Know as a Provider

  1. Levels of Care
  2. Monthly Census Report
  3. Achenbach Child Behavior Checklist (CBCL)
  4. Reiss
  5. Applying for continued LOC funding – Utilization Review
  6. Placement and Regional Placement Coordinator list
  7. Outcome measurement
  8. PCC Comparative Report